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Read the latest news & industry developments

Improve the air tightness
of new
homes, exceed air requirements, and reduce bills by up to 40% with AeroBarrierUK

An easy air tightness sealing solution that combats air leakage and improves home energy efficiency through guaranteed air tightness.

By employing AeroBarrierUK to seal your home, you’ll benefit from an enhanced level of airtightness, which could reduce your bills by up to 40%. AeroBarrierUK works with traditional methods like airtight tape but reaches all the areas that tape can’t, is 3-5x faster and can stick to any surface with ease, which airtight tape struggles to do. This means less airtight tape, less time and greater savings.

Learn how AeroBarrierUK can contribute to crafting the perfect home environment through it’s simple, plug & play solution.


Problems caused by low air tightness & traditional airtight tape sealing methods

  • Energy Waste: Poor airtightness leads to increased energy usage and higher utility bills.
  • Drafts and Discomfort: Air leaks cause uneven temperatures and discomfort in living spaces.
  • Indoor Air Quality: Air leaks can introduce pollutants, mould and allergens, reducing indoor air quality.
  • Environmental Impact: Higher energy consumption contributes to a larger carbon footprint.
  • High Material & Labour Costs: Airtight tape can be costly in volume and take a long time to implement.

Solutions provided by AeroBarrierUK

  • Unrivalled Air Tightness: Seals building leaks from 12mm down to the size of a human hair. AeroBarrier guarantees airtightness ratings from building regulations down to below passivhaus levels.
  • Improved Air Quality: Seals out pollutants and allergens for healthier living environment through a mechanical ventilation and heat recovery (MVHR) system.
  • Labour Cost Reduction: Save on your project’s labour time and airtight tape material costs by supplementing imprecise sealing methods.
  • Greater Energy Efficiency: By reducing the energy lost through gaps and draughts, save up to 40% on heating costs.
  • Guaranteed Results: AeroBarrierUK has been used successfully on 35,000+ new builds globally.
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A simple 4 step process


& setup

We undertake an initial air tightness test to find out what level your building currently has and cover intended areas of air movement (e.g. cooker hoods, shower vents, window/door frames, etc).

Start sealing

Your building will then be pressurised, and AeroBarrier’s smart sealing stations will be activated. We will monitor and control each unit’s progress via a computer positioned outside of the building

Monitor & Seal

Having reached your desired air tightness level (anywhere from Building Regulations down to Passivhaus), the sealing stations will be deactivated, and your building will gently vent and depressurise.

Verify & Certify

Once the process is complete, we will carry out a final post-seal air tightness test. This is an on-site verification of the building’s airtightness and guarantees your air leakage level.

    How else can AeroBarrierUK benefit your build?

    How else can AeroBarrierUK benefit your build?

    • Energy efficiency

      Our air sealing system seals all building envelope leaks up to ½”, as small as a human hair.
    • Cost-effective

      GreenGuard Gold certified, the sealant is self-guided to the edges of leaks creating a seal.
    • Indoor environment quality

      Using a standard, single-point blower door test, our software measures the leakage in real time.
    • Guaranteed results

      Real-time measurements enable you to dial in specific requirements and guarantee the results.


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AeroBarrier sysyem


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    Airtightness rating guaranteed 
with AeroBarrier

    • “[An] ingenious solution to... [an] important problem: heat leakage.”

      “[An] ingenious solution to... [an] important problem: heat leakage.”

      Bill Gates, Annual Letter, The Year Ahead 2023

    • “Building sustainably should be accessible for everyone, not a luxury”  

      “Building sustainably should be accessible for everyone, not a luxury”  

      Charlie Mills, Director at AeroBarrierUK

    • "AeroBarrier is the most important product that a [builder] trying to meet passive house standards could use. It eliminates all of the guesswork."

      "AeroBarrier is the most important product that a [builder] trying to meet passive house standards could use. It eliminates all of the guesswork."

      Anthony Maschmedt – Principal Dwell Development

    Awards & accreditations

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    Frequently asked questions

    • How much does an air tightness test cost?

      The cost of an air tightness test can vary depending on the size and complexity of the building.

      AeroBarrierUK does not offer standalone airtightness testing for projects, but a guaranteed air tightness level through our patented air sealing system. We can include an official airtightness test with our works, which is undertaken by independent third party partners.

    • How airtight can AeroBarrier actually seal a home?

      AeroBarrier has sealed houses to as low as 0.11 ACH50. The value is in the system’s ability to seal a home as tight as it is designed for.

      AeroBarrier can meet any Building Regulations Requirements, from England & Wales, Scotland, or N. Ireland regulations, right down to Low Energy/Net Zero Levels, such as International Energy Conservation CodeIECC), Passivhouse / Passivhaus Trust, EnerPHit, and the AECB Building Standards.

    • I've heard that sealing a building too airtight is bad?

      A building that is too tight is a bad thing if the space hasn’t been designed for that level of air tightness.

      The popular saying “build tight, ventilate right” applies here and works both ways. Building airtight without proper ventilation could cause issues with indoor air quality in the space. On the flip side, a leaky building with proper ventilation could cause the mechanical ventilation and heat recovery (MVHR) system to not work as it is designed.

      AeroBarrier can achieve any desired air tightness level, subsequently removing the guesswork and ensuring the spaces are as air tight as they have been designed for.

    • What size leaks will AeroBarrier seal?

      AeroBarrier seals holes as large as 12mm (0.5″), and as tiny as a human hair.

      Aerosol sealing is extremely effective at sealing narrow gaps and extremely small holes that are typically not cost-effective to seal manually, or that are missed using manual sealing techniques.

    • How is leakage measured?

      Our team uses the ‘big building fan’ or ‘modified blower door’ (please see our ‘How it works’ FAQs above) to measure building envelope leakages. When they undertake a pre-seal air tightness test, the building’s initial leakage value will be recorded.

      The blower door is calibrated to meet ASTM Standard E779, E1554, CGSB-149.10- M86, EN 13829, ATTMA Technical Standard 1, NFPA 2001, RESNET, and USACE.

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