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How AeroBarrier helps homeowners find invisible gaps



Air Leakage Reduction


How one couple warmed to an innovative airtight solution in their new home


Kay and Mike wanted to ensure their new home was as airtight as possible.

Kay had previously lived in a three-bedroom property that was far from ideal in terms of draughtproofing. As she explains: “We couldn’t find where the chill was coming from. So, we couldn’t even start filling gaps.”

Finding the solution


Understandably, airtightness was high on the agenda when Kay and Mike began the process of buying a new home. They had come across AeroBarrierUK at the Homebuilding and Renovating Show in 2023. So, while their new property was being built, they called in the air-sealing experts during the second fix stage of the build.

For the average new-build three-bed detached property, reducing air loss to Passivhaus-equivalent levels will mean a 40 percent drop in energy demand and costs.

Taking airtightness to Passivhaus standards is an obvious way self-builders like Kay and Mike, can save money in the long term and recoup the costs of improving their home. It’s a guaranteed solution to a problem that exists in every newly-built property.


Benefit from long-term energy savings


Kay goes on to say: “AeroBarrier is a small price to pay to own a home exceeding Passivhaus’ standards. In my opinion, it’s the cheapest way self-builders like us can achieve those standards and benefit from long-term energy savings.”

“As for the people who carried out the work, well, forgive the pun, but the AeroBarrier team were like a breath of fresh air. Enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and professional. We highly recommend them.”

Hugh Franklin, Head of AeroBarrierUK, says: “In Kay and Mike’s case, the whole airtightness process only took around 96 minutes.”

“So, for very little disruption, Kay and Mike will benefit from a noticeable difference in their living quality as well as their energy costs. Little wonder they warmed to our system.”

Discover how the AeroBarrier system finds and eliminates building air leakages and drafts.


Air tightness aim:
0.6 ACH50

Pre-seal leakage:
1.47 ACH50

Post-seal achievement:
0.20 ACH50

Total unwanted draught reduction: 86%