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Exceeding low-energy requirements for a 3 bedroom family home





Air Leakage Reduction


Mhairi and David Yates chose Oakwrights to build and design their bespoke high-performance oak frame home at Church View in Herefordshire. This is one of several custom build sites owned and managed by Oakwrights, which use AeroBarrierUK’s draught reduction system to guarantee reduced energy bills and running costs, in some cases by up to 40%.

Their challenge

“Mhairi and David were looking to build a beautiful and energy efficient home” says Tim, Founder of Oakwrights. “With the importance of reducing energy costs and future-proofing at the front of their minds, the couple chose to use AeroBarrier as part of their build to ensure their home was as energy efficient as possible” continues Tim.

“Uncontrolled airflow through the unwanted gaps and cracks in a building’s envelope wastes energy through heat loss, much like having the A/C on in your car with the windows open. By reducing unwanted air leakage, we also improve the longevity of our buildings”, explains Tim. “An airtight building reduces external noise, pollutant ingress, and can reduce mould and damp – up to 98% of moisture movement occurs through air currents,” says Tim.

AeroBarrier results

Air tightness aim:
1 ACH50

Pre-seal leakage:
6.25 ACH50

Post-seal achievement:
0.95 ACH50

Total unwanted draught reduction: 85%