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AeroBarrierUK helping ambitious developers beat Passivhaus


Nailsea, North Somerset

Air Leakage Reduction


Currently building a collection of 52 Passivhaus sustainable new homes in Nailsea, North Somerset, Stonewood Homes recognise the importance of energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and overall building performance.

Stonewood Homes face challenges consistently achieving the desired airtightness levels across their housing development projects. Conventional methods often fall short of delivering the required results, leading to compromised energy efficiency and increased operating costs.

Partnering with AeroBarrierUK to implement their cutting-edge sealing technology in the construction of the Elm Grove housing development, they are using innovative solutions to surpass industry standards. AeroBarrierUK technicians are currently working closely with Stonewood Homes’ construction team to integrate the sealing process seamlessly into the building workflow.


“This remarkable achievement signifies Stonewood Homes’ commitment to excellence in building performance and sustainability, all through setting new benchmark for industry airtightness standards.”

Sam Smart, Managing Director – Stonewood Homes


By leveraging AeroBarrier’s advanced solution, Stonewood Homes are able to deliver high-performance homes faster, more efficiently and repeatably smashing Passivhaus requirements.

Learn how AeroBarrier can find the invisible gaps in your housing development meet or exceed any building regulations requirement.

Air tightness aim

At or below Passivhaus standards of 0.60 ACH

Pre seal achievement

0.58 ACH50

Post seal achievement

0.12 ACH50

Total unwanted draught reduction

79 per cent