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A Double Triumph: AeroBarrierUK Celebrates a Milestone First Year in Operation!

Islay Sellar

19th January 2024


Company news

We are thrilled to share the brilliant news of AeroBarrierUK’s triumphs from our first year of operation in the UK. We are proud that our commitment to innovation and excellence has been recognised with not one but two prestigious awards – the “Innovation in Insulation Award” from Build It Magazine Awards and the “Most Innovative SME Award” from Building Innovation Awards. These accolades not only highlight our dedication to pushing the boundaries of technology but also position us as leaders in the quest for sustainable and energy-efficient building solutions.


AeroBarrierUK wins the Innovation in Insulation Award


Head of AeroBarrierUK, Hugh Franklin, conveyed how pleased we are to have been recognised by Build It Magazine for our innovation:

“Receiving the Innovation in Insulation Award is a testament to AeroBarrierUK’s ground-breaking approach to solving airtightness challenges in building structures. Traditional insulation methods often fall short when achieving the necessary level of airtightness, impacting energy efficiency and indoor comfort. At AeroBarrier, we have revolutionised the industry with our plug-and-play solution that seeks out and seals any gaps or leaks in the building envelope.


Our commitment to advancing technology has resulted in a process that pressurises a space and releases the sealant into the air, ensuring a comprehensive and effective seal against air leakage. This recognition not only emphasises the success of our innovation but also positions AeroBarrierUK as a key player in the future of sustainable building practices.”

Most Innovative SME Award


In addition to the Innovation in Insulation Award, we are honoured to have received the Most Innovative SME Award. This accolade recognises our technological prowess and ability to navigate challenges, adapt to market demands, and pioneer solutions in the construction industry. Hugh said:


“AeroBarrierUK’s success as an SME is rooted in our customer-centric ethos, sustainable practices, and a forward-thinking approach to business.


Our emphasis on exceeding airtightness requirements, coupled with our commitment to customer satisfaction, has positioned us as a go-to partner for those seeking cutting-edge solutions. This award celebrates our dedication to innovation within the built environment sector and reinforces our role as a trailblazer in the industry.”


Our double victory has significant implications for the construction and insulation sectors. AeroBarrierUK is not just a company – we are a driving force inspiring others to reassess their approaches, invest in sustainable practices, and contribute to creating a more energy-efficient and resilient future.


AeroBarrierUK’s recent success in winning both the Innovation in Insulation and Most Innovative SME Awards is a testament to our unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence. We are grateful for the recognition and excited about the positive impact our technologies will have on the construction and airtightness industries. As we continue to push the boundaries, AeroBarrierUK remains at the forefront of sustainable building practices, setting new benchmarks for the future.

Discover how you can achieve & exceed airtightness with AeroBarrier.

Discover how you can achieve & exceed airtightness with AeroBarrier.

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